A Legacy of Service, Innovation, and Growth

Starting in 1946 when H. Earl and Charlotte Palmer, the founders of Town & Country Wholesale, started by delivering candy and tobacco from the trunk of their car, laying the foundation for the remarkable legacy that is Town & Country Wholesale today. 

A collage of different foods including fries and pizza.
A hamburger and french fries on a table.

Evolution and Expansion

Over the subsequent decades, Town & Country Wholesale's dedication to customer satisfaction propelled us to diversify our offerings, encompassing frozen food, paper goods, institutional foods, chemicals, and sundries.
We are a small family-owned company that proudly provides the extensive selection typically associated with larger corporations. This allows you to communicate directly with us about your needs.

A Comprehensive Inventory

Today, Town & Country Wholesale takes pride in offering a comprehensive inventory comprising over 8000 items. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in the sixfold expansion of our dry storage and the fourfold expansion of our refrigerated and frozen storage, ensuring that we meet the diverse needs of our customers.

A pepperoni pizza is shown on top of the table.
A table with two plates of food and a machine.

Family-Owned and Independent

In the face of industry changes, Town & Country Wholesale remains an independently owned and operated business. William H. Palmer, the current owner and son of founders H. Earl and Charlotte Palmer, has dedicated his career to every aspect of the Town & Country Wholesale business. His leadership and extensive knowledge are the driving forces behind our continued success.

Serving Diverse Industries

Currently, Town & Country Wholesale proudly serves more than 1250 customers, including independently owned family restaurants, small bars and grills, golf course snack bars, clubs and organizations, school concessions, sporting and pool concessions, grocery stores, independently owned convenience stores, and more. We understand the delicate balance between meeting customer demands and addressing the ever-evolving needs of the market. Beyond being a supplier, we are a legacy of reliability, adaptability, and customer satisfaction. Join us, and let Town & Country Wholesale's decades of experience contribute to the success of your operation.